Good/Bad Design Posts

I am currently taking Education by Design with Dr. Punya Mishra at Arizona State University. I will be sharing a selection of my assignments here on Good/Bad design.

September 24, 2018


This is a Whirlpool dishwasher mount that attaches to your countertop to secure the dishwasher. There are two different points to break off the brace depending on which dishwasher you purchased. I had to break it off at the second line. The hole for the screw is sooo close to that line. The first one worked well and the second one broke. Bad design, just send the right complete parts with the dishwasher.


I find these structures funny. A few years ago my friends started calling these types of walls “caged rocks.”  The design puts people in contact with raw and natural materials, rather than with a solid wall and removed from the ingredients. I am unsure if this is a good or bad design, I am curious how do you clean these, do they use less material and solid walls, what were the test groups they used to determine this was a good idea? I have not seen these out east, possibly they might be only fit for a dry or temperate climate.

September 8, 2018

In some classrooms, there is a keychain of dongles for every type of computer and connection. From the user’s perspective, this is good for whoever wants to project does not have to carry cables for every type of connection. From an electronic trash and system perspective, its poor design that plugs are not standardized and so that each new product needs an addition adapter for the computer to connect to a projector.

IMG_8394 (1)

August 27, 2018

The receipts at Sprouts grocery store are double sided and short! I have never seen this an is a fantastic way to reduce waste and they are not 3 feet long like the ones at CVS. I wonder how the printer is different from a normal receipt machine? What are the lengths of receipts?


August 26, 2018

The nozzle of an air mattress is an example of a Good Design. Once you have pumped up the mattress you have to take out the pump and to prevent air from escaping the nozzle goes in stopping outgoing air flow. This gives you time to take out the pump and close the nozzle, not take the air out of your sails or bed in this case.