Zoom In on Graphs

It has been a while since I posted about math, travels, or lesson ideas. My New Years intention is to post more frequently about my travels as well as ideas on lessons.

This is a lesson starter to slowly look at the components of a bar graph. You can stop after the bar graph or choose to explore ratios and how those change over time. In the context of the Women’s March on Washington, the graphs and data will be about the demonstration and female representation in the USA in government.

Zoom In is a Project Zero Thinking routine. I have adapted it to look at graphs rather than at a work of art.

Zoom In works well if you give students time to silently think then share as a class or with a partner. Don’t rush through the slides. Have the students make predictions, discuss aspects of the chart, determine the scale, identify if it is a histogram or bar chart, how can they tell, or what information do they need to make a better guess at what the chart shows.

I hope this helps you bring more of the news and current events into the classroom and help our students become numerate while reading the news. I like to use The Economist for gathering graphs, the ones used are from Time and are in the notes.

Zoom In: January 2017 Lesson starter

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