Miami Art

We spent 10 days in Miami preparing for our first semester of travel. Between getting the documents ready and brainstorming, I saw the Basquiat exhibit at the Perez Art Museum of Miami and meandered through Wynwood Walls.

The Perez featured Basquiat’s notebooks and a few of his collaborative works with Andy Warhol. I watched the showing of film Basquiat afterward. Jeffery Wright’s performance as Basquiat was very moving, highlighting Basquiat’s artistic expression, struggles, and highlights exploitation in art. David Bowie performed an excellent rendition of Andy Warhol and his voice was stuck in my head for a couple of days.

Until I walked through Wynwood, I did not realize that Miami was a hub for curated graffiti. Here are a few of my favorites pieces from my walk.


On another note, for an educational module, we are thinking of doing public art with students that are legal and does not leave a mark or something to clean up any suggestions?

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