Preparing for the first day of school

Every year my year begins in August with the first day of school. The week before school starts I feel excited about big ideas and resolutions on organization, how to help student thinking and learn more as a teacher. This year I will be focusing on slow data collection with my grade 9 students on plastic bottle usage on campus. With my grade 11s and 12s we will be working on interdisciplinary work. My goal for the blog is to reflect on my teaching and student learning through the year and share resources with other teachers.

Welcome to the blog. Here is part of my graphic summer

I will be posting weekly about my teaching and projects I am working on with students.

For the first day of school I will be sharing with the students my graphic interpretation of my summer to start out a statistics unit. I will be asking them to tell a story of their summer using a graph. Here is just sneak peak….

By Amanda Riske
By Amanda Riske